Introducing the 

The innovative ATV Tote trailer is a game-changer for hunting and the outdoors. 



You've bagged the big one.

Now haul it out with ease. 


The ATV Tote makes transporting your trophy buck, bear, or other wildlife out of the woods and back to base simple, convenient, and easy. The ATV Tote Master has a 600 lbs. weight capacity, 13" wheels, and is manufactured from solid steel. No assembly is required and transporting it is simply place it on a 1 7/8" hitch and secure it to the ATV.  

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I love hunting, but hauling a big deer, elk, bear, or other game can be difficult. The Tote Master 600 makes it super easy. I won't go hunting without one.      Scott A



As a petite female who loves to hunt, when I saw the ATV Tote, I knew I had to have it. So easy to load up a big buck and head home!      Beth M




The ATV Tote was created out of need by West Virginian Robert Peyton, who found the need for an easier way to haul his harvest out of the mountains of West Virginia.


What resulted is a patented utility trailer that easily mounts to your ATV. It allows hunters to easily transport their harvest. It has a weight capacity of up to 600 pounds and is perfect for deer, bear, elk, or group of ducks, rabbits, and more!

The ATV Tote is proudly made in the USA! Get yours today!